On the basis of experimental work done in the laboratory and from different observations the conclusion is it is concluded that, it is possible to use Stone Dust as an alternative to Sand partially up to 20% and 12mm metal also to use partially up to 30% in place of 20mm metal in roller compacted concrete for pavements. Hence we can say that the partial replacement of stone dust and 12mm metal in roller compacted concrete for pavements will be economical. The important findings of the investigation are as listed below:

1. Use of Stone dust as fine aggregate partially in roller compacted concrete results in an increase of compressive strength but reduces workability. But the roller compacted concrete requires zero slump.

2. Crusher stone dust has irregular shapes and contains more fine particles which make dense concrete, contributing to improve compressive strength as compared to natural sand.

3. 12mm metal has angular shape and contains less rounded particles which makes dense concrete contributing to improve compressive strength compared to 20mm metal and also gives smooth surface to roller compacted concrete pavement.

4. Stone dust 12mm metal offers important economic advantages in regions where the availability of natural sand is in scare.

5. Use of stone dust as a partial replacement of fine aggregate and 12mm metal partially from 20mm metal of coarse aggregate from the roller compacted concrete will help prevent damages to the environment and also it will save the precious material “Sand”.

6.1 Future Scope of work:

More research studies required on quarry rock dust as fine aggregate

and 12mm metal as coarse aggregate:

(a) High Strength concrete.

(b) Pumpable concrete.

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