Interest and reaction time analysis of credit card offers: DISCUSSION

Interest and reaction time analysis of credit card offers: DISCUSSION

The value of high level research tools for tactically oriented development

Marketers have used high level concept development research for at least three decades. Much of this emphasis can be traced to the pioneering efforts of Paul Green at the University of Pennsylvania. The adoption of this high level research in business has been rapid, and the use consistent. The only problems are the use of the research for strategic studies, rather than tactical studies, and its limitation to a small set of concept elements. If these two problems were solved, there might be far more use of the high level techniques.

The authors have seen the increased interest in high level research among those who have to deal with promotions or new product introductions, where it is necessary to say and show the right things. Promotions and actual product introductions are not strategic, but tactical. Those in charge of these activities in the business recognise that they have to use some type of research or other knowledge tools to determine what to do at the outset, and to measure the customer response during the campaign. Most of the time these tactical issues are addressed in focus groups, where statistical precision is non-existent, but where issues are raised that can be addressed and on some occasions laid to rest.

Research users recognise the need for better answers, but the use of focus groups is predicated upon the speed and low cost of such groups. There is an opportunity for high level research to play a greater role in early stage tactical decisions.


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