For the ranking mechanism, we get input 20 images from the second clustering phase and then we apply ranking mechanism on it and it gives rank of all images. Now for taking into consideration of human based evaluation, we select 3 different sets of images top 10, 15 and 20 images and these becomes summarization of the original big set. By doing this, we would like to see whether changing the number of images in the summary set does give different results.

We devised a questionnaire for human evaluation of our outcomes from different methods and spread it to 24 interviewees. We would like to see the rating of the users or human evaluator for each sets. We are also interested to see, changing the number of images inside the summary affects the result. For the experiment we have chosen 10, 15 and 20 images for the summary for the each set. So, human evaluator has to check total 18 sets (6 generated set * 3 different summary of each image set). Before starting questionnaire, we show the original image collection and make them understand about images and our project perspective.

As we have 3 sets of each image set which contains 10, 15 and 20 images respectively, we follow the fixed pattern for each set which can be seen in figure 6.
Fig6Generating Representative_decrypted
Figure 6: Questionnaire pattern for each result sets

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