The problem for generating representative set and summarization has been done by many researchers. We would like report some of the excellent and most related work. Scene Summarization for Online Image Collections by simon, examines the distribution of images in the collection to select a set of canonical views to form the scene summary, using clustering techniques on visual features using SIFT. The author summarized all images based on likely hood, coverage and orthogonality. Our approach is similar with the clustering technique and selection categories. But, the key difference between and our approach is generating windows before clustering phase. The author summarizes images based on spatial patterns in photo sets, as well as textual-topical patterns and user (photographer) identity cues. The key difference between and our approach is that we are not using geo-referenced images in our experiments. We highly focus on low level features of images.

The author generates diverse and representative image search results for landmarks based on context- and content-based tools. To do that the author used location and other metadata as well as tags associated with images, and the images’ visual features. The work is somewhat different with Simon because the author starts from the tags that represent landmarks while the author used also SIFT for the visual features comparison. The differences with our approaches that we are not using metadata associated with images as well as image tags. We only concentrate on visual features of images.

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