Future Challenges

• By the year 2030 the electricity demand will increase by 82 percent and to generate this power the carbon emission will also be increase by 59 percent.
• 10 percent of total generation capacity and 25 percent distribution lines are utilized only for less than 5 percent of time.
• The losses in the distribution networks are higher.
• Availability of power to all the consumers all the time at less cost (especially un-electrified rural areas).
• To make the nation energy independent.
• Encourage the consumers for active involvement in the grid operation.

• To solve the power quality problems i.e. voltage, frequency, harmonics etc.
• Smart pricing and smart metering.
• Flexible operation of the grid.
• To increase the penetration of Plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles on the roads.
• Design of distribution networks to integrate the distributed generators and storage devices.
• Reduction in Green house Gas emissions.


Smart grid has the following parameters:

Voltage: It is required that voltage at the consumers end should be in permissible limit.
Frequency: It is also an important parameter, It affects the stability of the power system.
Generator Parameter: in power system, generator is responsible to provide the active and reactive power as required to meet the electricity demand of the consumers. The reactive power requirement can be fulfilled locally by
Load Parameters: load parameters have a significant impact on the operation of power system. Difference between the power generation and the power demand is very common and affects the stability of power system.

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