Energy security: According to an investigation, with present energy consumption trends, the reserves-to-production ratio of world proven reserves of oil and gas-155 years versus 40 and 65 years respectively. By reducing the electricity generation from these fossil fuel based power plants the availability of the reserves may be available for a longer period. To make it feasible the electricity generation from green energy sources i.e. solar, wind, fuel cell etc. has to be increased as earth continuously intercepts solar power of 178 billion MW, which is about 10,000 times the world’s demand. The solar power received on the surface of the earth on a bright sunny day is about 1 kW/m2 and the available wind power potential is established to be 1.6 x 107 MW. This is higher than the present energy consumption of the world.

Socio-Economic parameters: Socio-economic development depends on complex processes of social transformation which is necessary to ensure a transition from unsustainable to sustainable patterns of energy generation and consumption. Designing of Socio-economic development program requires a good understanding of the local use of the available resources i.e. solar, wind, micro & mini hydro and fuel cell etc. Today’s the power quality and reliability is worst especially in the remote rural areas.

Smart Grid provides electricity to the consumers all the time at reduced cost and also provides opportunities for the Consumers to participate actively in grid operation. Smart grid motivates the consumers to install the solar panel and wind generators at their premises to fulfill their electricity demand and also for the other consumers by sell-back to the grid.

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