Energy is now required to run highly sophisticated and sensitive gadgets and machines for various individual, social and industrial uses. Besides the new technology has also to contend with environmental constraints putting a cap on emission levels and infrastructural overbuilds. The existing infrastructure and utilities encounter various limitations of designs in loading and life cycles, so much so that the new crop of power engineers find it increasingly difficult to cope with the system and are opting out, underscoring the need for complete overhaul of present methods and usher in new technologies. Smart Grid envisages bold new systems marking a complete shift from the past.

It opts for more open and consumer friendly cultures, doing away with restrictive and monopolized markets and controlled operations. As against large and remote generation plants Smart Grid recognizes the need for small, distributed, renewable energy options such as wind, solar and fuel cell power etc. so that power can be efficiently and directly controlled and new systems are devised to take in to account consumer responses, load variations and price fixation.

Fig1Smart Grid Model
Fig. 1 : Smart Grid (ref.

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