All this contributes to a set of design criteria that focuses on:

• Increasing use of green Energy Resources
• Establishing a significant amount of Demand Side Management and Demand Side Response capability with direct consumer communication
• Replacing overbuild reliability methodologies with Distribution and Substation Automation approaches
• Maximizing utilization of the existing delivery infrastructure
• Adding physical and IT security systems to protect critical infrastructure

Present power system model

Generating plants, transmission lines and the distribution systems are the main components of an electric power system. Generating stations and distribution systems are connected through transmission lines. A distribution system connects all the loads in a particular area to the transmission lines. Electric power is generated at a voltage of 11 to 33 kV which then is stepped up to the transmission levels. The first step down of voltage from transmission level is at the bulk power sub-station. This step down is from the transmission and grid level to sub-transmission level. The next step-down of voltage is at the distribution substation. The distribution system fed from the distribution stations,

Fig2Smart Grid Model
Fig. 2 : Existing Power System configuration

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