The proposed model contains an m-learning environment, which is underpinned by the traditional learning environment and also supported by m-learning policies and guidelines as shown in “Figure 2” and “Figure 3”. Basically, the m-learning environment is a relationship between the teacher and student. For school level teaching, the environment includes the methodology of delivering instruction, assessment and local boards of education will have to wrestle. Again, ‘blended learning’ will also happen in the m-learning environment, which is a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training. All the information’s are available on the Internet for the student.

Fig2, 3 M-Learning A Perspective
Figure 3 : M-learning environment

Sharing of knowledge in between the teacher and the student is possible by the social interaction. The m-learning is different from the traditional face-to-face instructor-led teaching method. The proposed learning model is compared with traditional learning method in “Figure 2” and Figure 3. The environment survey is done by the authors where the students gave positive feedback that the learning method is very communicative one and effective, but the teacher gave negative feedback that the teaching method is more time consuming, and the teacher-student relationship decreases. Another important aspect in the m-learning environment is the lack of extra curricular activities for the development of the student. Because in the college or school teaching environment, these activities include cultural, sports, educational or any other social activities, which are missing in m-learning environment (Higgison, 2000).

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