Programs for global development of education has greatly influenced on the premises of primary school in Bangladesh which has significant effect on the classroom performance. Drop out in primary level is considered major threat for educational development. For this purpose, some incentive measures like School Feeding Program (SFD) and Primary Education Development Program II (PEDP), have been adopted to encourage the student actively participate in the classes of the school.

Since majority of the primary students in rural and remote areas are poor, therefore, some further positive measures like free primary text book supply to low-income children have been introduced to ensure basic education for all. Besides, in last national educational policy (2010, p. 8), some special provisions like free admission, free education materials, free lunch at schools and stipends have been arranged to attract and retain primary children in the schools. Furthermore, effective measures have been taken for girls’ safe protection within the schools.

Globalization is a modern phenomenon and global education is largely influenced by modernization theory. Science and technology are fundamental tools of global education.

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