Even the Government of Bangladesh adopted different encouraging initiatives like the 1993 Compulsory Primary Education Act; the establishment of the ministry for Primary and Mass Education in 1992; Female Stipend program, for instance, the Food for Education (FFE) and the Primary Education Development Program II (PEDP) (Kalene et al., 2005. p. 4). All of these programs have obviously brought some positive changes in educational field of the country. As a consequence, ‘girls have actually overtaken boys in rates of enrollment, completion, and attendance in primary school (Kabeer et al., 2003, p. 292). The government committed to implement Universal Primary Education (UPE) by 1986 taking the Second Five Year Plan (SFYP), 1981-1985 (Linda A. Dove).

Unfortunately, in the Fifth Five Year Plan (FFYP) (1997-2002), the country yet to achieve the goal of Education for All (EFA) and cannot ensure the educational needs of 30 million adult illiterate (Five Year Plan in Bangladesh, p.62). As a matter of fact, huge number of people is still illiterate. It is quietly recognized that universalization of primary education for an over populated developing country like Bangladesh is a difficult task (Britannica, Vol. 18, 1993. P. 77).

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