The emotional intelligence plays a significant role in coping with the organizational change, motivating workforce to perform better while also encouraging creativity and innovation, requiring the ability to perceive and understand the emotional impact of change on ourselves and others to develop and maintain a culture advocating change leaders need to manage their own feeling of anxiety and uncertainty and be aware of others emotional reactions. At the same time others organizational members also require to be actively involved in monitoring and managing their emotional reactions. Implementing strategic decision, merger and acquisition require lots of high demand emotional intelligence. The two HR functions play a vital role in integrating the emotional intelligence that in return lend a hand to the organization to achieve its goals and thus leading to organization effectiveness.

The key elements of organization effectiveness are strategy, leadership, culture & value, engaged employees and customer experience all could be achieved with the help of emotional intelligence. The strategy with emotional intelligence would help the organization to decide the role, purpose, and strategic direction that summarizes the work of the organization and/or division being clear and appropriate. Leadership would facilitate the organization in right decision and concern for the people with understanding of emotions and controlling own emotions at challenging situations. The customer’s relationship would be enhanced and increase in the productivity with the understanding of emotions of the customer’s .The study filled the gap by analyzing that HR functions are successful in implementing the emotional intelligence in the organization.

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