Emotional competencies such as self confidence, motivation, optimism, self regulation and so on should be well considered in the recruitment process. The selections of managers should include the emotional competencies as self control, trustworthiness and achievement orientation as it profile largely depends upon getting job done by influencing , motivating the followers and inspiring. In the hiring of professionals achievement orientation is the key differentiator of outstanding individual contributors. The emotional competencies as self assessment (which help in analyzing the strengths and weakness), self control, willing to help others, building network, working and leading teams are crucial for professionals. Boyatizis (1982) the emotional competencies for salesperson are influence competence, empathy and capabilities to work in a team. Human service workers as doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers require emotional competencies as empathy, service orientation, ability to work in team.

Depending upon the competencies there are needed an organization should adopt reliable and valid methods to assess the potential aspirants candidature. One of the most popular techniques for selecting emotional intelligence competencies is the behavioral event interview. The purpose of the interview is to find out the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of a candidate during certain events that are personally important to him /her. Another approach can be self report questionnaire among candidate where they explain their own behavior in certain situation which can predict their emotional characteristics. The hiring process of any organization must emphasis on the selection of candidate based on emotional intelligence that facilitates the organization in achieving its business objectives. The influence of EI begins with the retention and recruitment of talent. For instance, emotional intelligence is considered in making top executive hiring decisions has a significant impact on the ultimate success or failure of those executives. The emotional intelligence of the persons doing the hiring is also crucial for good hiring decisions.

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