• Adjust expectation: Build positive expectation by showing learners that social and emotional competence can be improved and such improvement will lead to valued outcomes.
• Link learning goals to personal values: People are motivated to purse that fits with their values and hopes.
• Gauge readiness: Assess the individual is ready for training, if person is not ready because of insufficient motivation or other reasons make readiness the focus of intervention efforts.


• Foster a positive relationship between the trainers and learners: Trainers who are warm, genuine and empathetic are best able to engage in the change process.
• Set Clear Goals: People need to be clear about what the competence is, how to acquire it, and how to show it on the job. Spell out the specific behaviors and skills that make up the target competence. Make sure that the goals are clear, specific and optimally challenging.
• Break goals into manageable steps: Change is more likely to occur if the change process is divided into manageable steps. Encourage both trainers and trainees to avoid being overly ambitious.
• Provide opportunities to practice: Lasting change requires sustained practice on the job and elsewhere in life. An automatic habit is being unlearned and different responses are replacing it. Use naturally occurring opportunities for practice at work and in life. Encourage the trainees to try the new behaviors repeatedly and consistently over a period of months
• Give performance feedback: Ongoing feedback encourages people and directs change. Provide focused and sustained feedback as the learners practice new behaviors. Make sure that supervisors, peers, friends, family members or some combination of these give periodic feedback on progress.

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