Public human resource management is confronted with the challenge to fill senior and high profile positions especially in the field of financial management in the public sector and, in that context, has to accomplish a strategic role in the success of the public service. Institutions that do not place particular emphasis on attracting and retaining talent will find themselves with dire consequences, as talented staff may leave and be absorbed in the private sector or go abroad. In the light of this situation, heads of departments in the public service strategically manage their human resources. The scarcity of skills, locally and globally, forces institutions to become more adaptable, resilient, agile and community-focused in order to provide effective and efficient service delivery. The public human resource practitioner has to adapt to become a strategist in the institution (Mhone & Edigheji, 2003:90).

Public human resource management is changing from being a local activity into a global function. The future role of public human resource management, as intellectual capital is becoming the main generator of wealth for both individuals and the government. In this context, the South African public service has embarked, currently, on transforming its public human resource management systems to cope with the changing environment in order to fulfil the staffing needs. Some of these public human resource management functions include improving of service delivery, recruitment, selection, induction, orientation, mentoring, coaching, education, training, development, labour relations, employment equity and employment assistance programme (EAP). Service delivery has always been the raison de etre of the public service in a democratic dispensation.

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