Globalisation, Human Resource Development and Public Sector Reform

Globalisation has shifted the levels of standards and expectations in various aspects of life, including that of human resources. Academic and training institutions have to produce a populace with the relevant knowledge, values, skills and experience that would enable them to compete with other individuals in the global market. The public service system is not spared from the competition, as it must likewise be able to provide packages and compensation that would appeal to eligible and competent individuals, providing room for career options and professional growth, highlighting the value of working with government, supported with a fair and consistent performance evaluation mechanism and a realistic compensation scheme. Human resource development is the process of skills development within work organisations, in order to suit overall organisational strategic objectives. It represents a considerably more bottom line driven approach to skills development than traditional organisational training initiatives (Coetzee, 2001:526).

There is widespread consensus amongst politician and commentators both within developing and developed countries that training and development should be encouraged. Human resource development represents training and development specifically geared to the bottom line to developing skills aimed at ensuring the survival and growth of individual work organisations. A government that does not take a proactive stance in facilitating such training and development initiatives will find itself lacking in skills to provide an effective and efficient service delivery.

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