The main problem researched is that the management of training and development in the South African public service does not adequately meet the training needs of the current demographically diverse staff component to equip it with necessary skills for effective and efficient service delivery against the background of the global community and its concomitant globalisation.

The following sub problems are derived from the main research problem:
• The above problem causes, inter alia, an inability to adapt to changing strategic public human resource management needs from a national and international perspective;
• The problem of lack of knowledge and understanding by public officials of globalisation results in an inability to effectively and efficiently manage and execute national and international human resource management trends, a needed skill for achieving, maintaining and enhancing cutting-edge human resource management theories and practices for globally competitive human resource management.


The main objectives of the paper are to report research conducted:
• to determine the impact of globalisation on public human resource management in the South African Public Service;
• to examine selected administrative and management structures responsible for public human resource policies and procedures on training and development in the South African Public Service;
• to understand how public human resource departments in the South African Public Service are adapting to dynamic changes in the field of public human resources management nationally and internationally;
• to ascertain which public human resource management functionaries focus on normative foundations of public administration- public accountability, deference to labour, human rights and ethical standards,
• to determine the level of understanding of public human resource management in terms of globalisation, and
• to propose a set of recommendations.

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