Recommendation 1- Training and development

In order for South Africa to be internationally competitive, it is essential for the human resources of the South African Public Service to be appropriately trained and developed to be globally relevant. Staff should be trained to handle issues on a global scale.

The current challenges of governmental department such as global competition and socio-economic development brings new dimensions to workplace training and development.

Top management should become more and more interested in the contribution of education and training from the bottom line of the organisation. Training must be perceived by government as an investment, which must be measured against service delivery. It is argued that since training competes for a department’s resources with other investment means, it needs to offer a greater productivity improvement than alternative uses of other resources. Therefore, like any other form of investment, training can only be seen as a net contributor to improved efficiency, if it leads to an enhancement of government’s performance.

Recommendation 2 – Understanding diverse cultures

It is also important for all personnel to understand and relate to the varied international cultures. Understanding the diverse cultures ensures that the human resources manager, in particular, to understand why staff behave in a certain manner and to interact effectively with their international counterparts. Understanding other countries culture will improve communication.

Recommendation 3 – Flexibility to respond to situations

Public institutions should have the flexibility to respond to complex and rapidly changing global circumstances. Governmental departments must adapt to the needs of the international community in order to provide a global type of service delivery.

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