Recommendation 8 – Demonstration of performance

– It is recommended that staff members’ performance to be demonstrated before they are considered competent as this will ensure effective and efficient public service delivery internationally. The national government should have a performance management policy to determine the performance of the employees. Although the government has a performance management policy for managers, it is essential that the policy be executed effectively to ensure that the incumbents perform their duties and tasks so that public service delivery takes place promptly.


It is evident that the current training and development mechanisms in the South African government do not take into consideration of the significance of the influence of globalisation on public human resource management. It is, therefore, important to equip public officials to interact internationally effectively and efficiently to ensure excellent public service delivery.

There is a need for achieving, maintaining and enhancing public service delivery systems as well as implementing cutting-edge human resource management theories and practices for globally competitive public human resource management.

This paper provided a set of recommendations on how to overcome the challenges of globalisation and the impacts, thereof, on public service delivery from a public human resource management perspective.

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