The individuals who preferred to work for an organization and those who prefer to operate their own business concurred that their preferred career will provide greater opportunity for continued development, to earn a higher income and to work with people they admire and respect (Brenner et al., as cited in Kolvereid, 1996, p.25). Kolvereid (1996, p.28-29) has included security, economic opportunity, authority, autonomy, social environment, workload (working hours), challenge, self realization, participate in the whole process, responsibility, career opportunity as classes of reasons for employment status preferences in his study.

His research found that individuals who chose to work for an organisation rated security, social environment, workload, avoidance of responsibility and career opportunity as the reasons. Those who preferred self-employment rated high on factors such as economic opportunity, authority, autonomy, challenge, self-realisation and participate in the whole process.

In the early 1990’s in both the United States and New Zealand, with respect to their first position following college, students placed high priority on long-term career oriented attributes, such as promotion and self-development (Devlin & Peterson, 1994).

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