Do today’s students still place high value on long-term career oriented attributes? What are the current perceptions? As recently as 2008, in a study of first semester MBA students in a western U.S. University, students’ primary attribute for choosing a career was an individual emphasis on self-development, specifically favouring career benefits and wealth as leading factors (Ng, Burke, and Fidsenbaum, 2008). Family and non-family issues in career selection were not predictors of career decisions.

Similarly, in a large study of Canadian undergraduate business students, students who participated in a cooperative exchange with a business had more realistic work expectations and a better understanding of their own abilities (Ng & Burke, 2006). Cooperative students placed a greater emphasis on ‘work’ and ‘people’ dimensions of a firm and less on the firm’s reputation and benefits. For Canadian business students, good people to work with, reputation of the firm in the form of commitment to social responsibility, challenging work, and job security were critical factors of importance to students in obtaining their desired job and organizational attributes (Ng & Burke, 2006).

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