Prior to today’s recession, Ng and Burke (2006) suggest that given a shortage of skilled workers, students will be selecting the organizations they want to work for based on the kind of working conditions and flexibility employers can offer in terms of location, technology, workspace, and human resource policies. Similarly, in a large study of the United Kingdom’s University senior year students’ perception of organizational attributes, the five most important organizational attributes cited by students are companies that invest in their employees, care about their employees as individuals, have clear opportunities for promotion, daily work variety, and a dynamic forward-looking business approach (Terjesen, Vinnicombe & Freeman, 2007).

Various studies have examined student career perceptions with respect to global and cultural issues. Gender difference in students’ career aspirations and expectations were more important than ethnic difference in a study comparing black, Mexican American, and white college freshman (Arbona & Novy, 1991). As recently as 2006, the life goals among graduating high school seniors from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds differed but career expectations did not (Chang, Chen, Greenberger, Dooley, and Heckahusen, 2006).

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