However, by 2008, in the United States, differences in factors affecting career choice between men and women in management were not evident (Ng et al., 2008).

Company recruiters seek the best ‘match’ for their company in terms of individual attributes in relation to company needs and culture. However, given the changing perceptions of today’s students, the need for recruiters to modify their recruiting strategies exists (Jarlstrom, 2000). Researchers have assisted recruiters in this matter. For example, with the ’employer knowledge framework’, applicants evaluate a firm based on the employer information regarding physical attributes of the employer (e.g. firm size, geographical location), job information (e.g. pay, benefits, promotional opportunities) and people information (that is, potential coworker information) (Cable & Turban, 2001).

Money and pay are not the only extrinsic awards an employee may receive from a job, although, according to past research, salary is one of the most important factors in a person’s decision to accept or reject a job offer (Rynes, Gerhart, and Minette 2004, Judge and Bretz 1992). Some say that job security, type of work, advancement opportunity, company characteristics, and pay are just a few of these that are weighed in any decision (Jurgensen 1978, Judge and Bretz 1992). Judge and Bretz (1992) also found that promotion opportunities are one of the most important job attributes leading to a job choice decision. In a study conducted 30 years ago, the top three factors in a job were benefits, hours, and pay. Even though benefits and hours ranked higher, there seemed to be a rise in importance of pay (Jurgensen 1978). In a more recent study, extrinsic rewards have been defined as pay, stock options, and bonuses, gain sharing, promotions and benefits (Cummings and Worley 2007).

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