The competence & behaviour of supervisor is the last ranked variable by both the genders. 81% respondents have ranked adequate salary in first five & 71% respondents have ranked interesting work in first five.(Table 1)

The Independent t-test (Table 3) shows that the job choice variables are dependent on gender e.g. adequate salary, Fringe benefits, interesting work.

The study is an usher for recruiters, professors and advisors who need to analyze current career expectations. This will lead to a win-win situation for recruiters as well as aspirants.

As future employees are attempting to find the right fit, organizations are also attempting to find and hire the best and the brightest talent to fill any vacancies. If an organization can successfully adapt their job characteristics to cater to the prospective employees, they will have a higher probability of finding the best-fit candidate. This will in turn increase the Return On Investment, as there will be committed workforce with less turnover.

There can be further research in this field. There is possibility of finding job choice variables across different countries. Is there a difference? Does Herzberg’s two factor theory stand true for the present generation as well? Is there a change in these variables with the increasing work experience?

Table 1.
table1Motivating Factors for Job Choice-1

Table 2: Means of Variables as Per Gender
table2Motivating Factors for Job Choice-2

Table 3: Independent Sample T-Test
table3Motivating Factors for Job Choice-3

Table 4: Mean of Variables
table4Motivating Factors for Job Choice-4

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