1. Job security is the important criteria of Job choice.
Mean rank of Job security is 4.48, which is third in series, so the hypothesis is rejected. (Table 4)

2. The job choice is dependent on gender.
The mean ranks of the variable differ with the gender. Hence hypothesis is accepted. (Table 2)

3. Salary is the important criteria of Job choice.
The mean rank of salary is 3.71, which is the highest rank. Hence hypothesis is accepted. (Table

4. Working condition is the important criteria of job choice.
Working condition ranks fourth in the series with mean of 5.90. This implies that the working condition is an important factor of job choice and hence, the hypothesis is accepted. (Table 4)

5. Interesting work is not important than salary.
Interesting work has lower rank (3.86) than the adequate salary (3.71) (Table 4)

The study reveals that females ranked interesting work as the most important criteria, in contrast to the males who ranked adequate salary as the most important criteria. The mean of ranks for Job security is almost equal, irrespective of the gender.

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