Getting the right candidate at right place is the biggest challenge confronted by the employers. And even if they recruit the desired candidate, they have to confront the other monster: TURNOVER i.e. the selected candidate does not stay longer. Why is this so? Thousands graduate every year and yet there are thousands of vacancies! Is it because of the perception of today’s future professionals in their job choice? Do they know their job expectations? What do these future professionals look for in a job? The objective of the present study is to analyze the following: Are the factors to be considered for job choice gender based? What are the motivating factors that prompt them to accept a job in an organization?

The process of looking for a job has been studied earlier and is described as “job choice.” A potential employer spends days and funds searching for the right candidate. Over the past two decades recruiting top applicants has become increasingly difficult. Learning how to attract the best applicants is critical for recruiters in today’s world (Chapman, Uggerslev, Carroll, Piasentin, and Jones 2005). The key is not just to attract the best applicants, but also to be able to retain them. The average cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a new recruit is around $4,000 (Prafder). This enormous cost makes it mandatory that the turnover rate remains low, but then the problem is: what attracts these top applicants and also motivate them to stay with the organization in the long term?

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