Over the past few decades, several studies note a shift in students’ work values and expectations compared to the generations before them (Loughlin & Barling, 2001; Ng & Burke, 2006; Smola & Sutton, 2002). For example, in the 1950’s, American graduates focused on promotional opportunities, high salaries, and job security, while students in the 1960’s focused on the meaning of life, and students of the 1970’s and 1980’s directed their careers towards individual achievement and reward.

In the 1980’s, students indicated their primary concerns for choosing a career path were future earning potential, promotional opportunities and employer location (Parmley, Parmley & Wooton, 1987). In the 1990’s, students’ primary concerns for choosing a particular career path focused on promotion, challenge and responsibility, working conditions and the type of work (Devlin & Petersen, 1994). Students at the turn of the century appear to be following in the footsteps of their parents–or are they? With the changing global landscape, future research is necessary to understand the career expectations of current students and the implications these student expectations have for organizations, recruiters and managers (Jarlstrom, 2000; Kirrane & Ryan, 2000; Rose, 2001; Ng & Burke, 2006).

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