The sample includes 640 business graduates. Out of 640, 416 are males and 224 are females. The data has been collected through questionnaire which has fourteen variables. The variables are Job Security, Adequate salary, Fringe Benefits, Opportunities for Promotion, Comfortable working condition, Interesting Work, Sound company policies & practices, Respect & Recognition, Responsibility & Independence, Doing something Worthwhile, Considerate & Sympathetic supervisor, technically competent supervisor, Hours of work, Pay according to ability & competence. The respondents are expected to rank these variables in order of importance for them in choice of job. The mean ranks of all variables have been derived. Independent sample t-test is used to analyze the impact of gender on the job choice variables


1. Job security is the important criteria of Job choice.
Individuals prefer job security in choice of job.(Brenner, Pringle and Greenhaus as cited in Kolvereid, 1996, p.24).

2. The job choice is dependent on gender.
There is a difference between men and women with regard to career expectations, and men expected to be promoted quicker and to have a higher income in the first year of employment (Johnson, 2007).

3. Salary is the important criteria of Job choice.
Salary is one of the most important factors in a person’s decision to accept or reject a job offer (Rynes, Gerhart, and Minette 2004, Judge and Bretz 1992).

4. Working condition is the important criteria of job choice:
The students will be selecting career paths based upon the working conditions, opportunities, and flexibility that employers can offer, and firms will need to re-evaluate their recruitment procedures to mirror these expectations (Ng & Burke, 2006).

5. Interesting work is not important than salary.

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