Several researches have been done on career expectations of students in relation to (1) choosing a career and company, (2) global and cultural issues, (3) gender issues, (4) differences for specific business functions, (5) recruitment, and (6) promotion, length of employment, ideal job acceptance, and the job search process.

Moy and Lee (2002, p.340) state that job attributes are the most important factors that influence the choice of career among undergraduates. The job attributes that are important to undergraduates in choosing their career can be broadly categorized into three groups including the job itself, compensation or security and the company or work environment (Moy and Lee, 2002, p.341).

Teo and Poon (1994) have used 10 factors such as pay, fringe benefits, working conditions, managerial quality and relationships, long-term career prospects, responsibility given, authority, involvement in decision making, marketability and job security in finding which of these job attributes or factors influenced the choice of employment of first year business undergraduate.

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