Centuries ago, when there were no barriers of technology and when there was no battle in genders, it must have been a wonderful world; But now when we have evolved from that stage to our current stage, we have evolved exponentially in our problems also. The problems have grown in the workplaces and a serious analysis of these problems has to be conducted and the solution lies only in the analysis of these problems.

This study of gender based problems in most corporate houses has come up with identifiable problems limited to issues listed in this article.

These issues can be taken up in a positive way and can be worked out if both management and HR verticals define strategies to handle the same. Issues are not of principles, but perceptions and can be easily handled if we put into practice intelligence and create societal balance in our corporate-workplaces. The best solution is to train people in society to be better representatives of genders, train them to set examples for others. Ethic based workshops must be conducted in organizations and must be appreciated. This must be made a regular and compulsory practice so that a coherence can be attained in all workplaces. Human Resource Planning and Policies (HRPP) is the approach that has to be put into practice in order to manage the issues pertaining specifically to gender in organizations. Planning of gender-equality is to be charted out and policies in order to maintain this equality are required. Also, ethics based workshops are getting into trend and they have been till date topped the charts in their significant contribution in subsidizing the ill effects of gender based discrimination and other issues. These trainings can either be added to the training vertical in the organizations where separate training departments have been established or can be conducted by free lancers where no such separate vertical is in place. Also, these trainings must be made compulsory for all employees rather these trainings must be made a joining policy that any employee who joins an organization must have to go through these trainings and also in the training course, there must be specific measures defined that employees understand the significance of their behavior in the organizations.

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