One of the most challenging problems in today’s work culture is to put a point to gender based abusing. A recent advisory was issued by government office in one IT hub named gurgaon in India where in women are asked not to work after 8pm. This has to be seriously dealt with; authorities rather than making the places safe for women are putting them into the restricted environments. The impact of such advisories is definitely adverse. So, the point is that instead of locating and curbing the potential issues of gender based abuse, we want to take precautions alone. On one hand, we are claiming that we are the top services providers to the entire world and irrespective of time gaps, we deliver and at the same time, we are not capable of keeping our citizens secured.

It has been observed that women do not feel secured in BPO environments and as a matter of fact, a maximum 56% of women in South Asian countries are employed in the same vertical of business. There are incidents that cannot be even reported by women and the survey that gave birth to this article also contained a detailed analysis of what are the factors that women and HR of companies consider to be top most reasons of gender based abusing; the findings suggest that mostly women are not directly but indirectly made victims. To cite an example, groups of men seated together would pass comments regarding work or culture or dressing sense of females and the comments are not acceptable, but as they are indirectly routed, so they cannot be even reported or I must say there are no procedures or policies defined to handle these kind of issues of gender based abusing. The reasons are immense and solutions are never thought about and the impact is that mostly women unfriendly environments are created, attrition rates of companies shoot up and the direct impacts come down to HR vertical and businesses as a whole.

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