The advantage of education has to be balanced in hiring processes. Where surveys have established that 90% of gap in education has been covered, still males enjoy the superiority of their technological quotient as compared to females. As most jobs are being created in technical domains, more challenges are being faced by HR as they need more and more workforce and yet they have to ensure that gender balance is also maintained. In the same process, HR has somewhere ignored the impact of these issues on the growth of female gender.

There has to be more guidelines defined and put in place for considering females to be equals. In one place, companies have defined essential minimum qualifications for different positions and on the other hand, candidates with same balanced qualifications are overlooked. The challenge here is not only with the companies or their selection procedures, but also with the education systems. Only claims of having covered the gaps in education by 90% is not going to help anyhow if this same gap is also not covered to same or to even a higher extent in industrial environment and that can only happen if the standards of education are risen and more and more females are aspired to take up initiated studies.

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