When companies, governments and nations are putting in their best efforts to bridge gaps in economical growth due to issues as widely observed about gender battle, the question still remains is it better to be born male or female? The gender battle is a term used most widely in the corporations that have been trying their level best to put all practices to rest that harness the progress of female growth. The challenge faced is when authority comes into picture and the same authority sometimes put HR to rest and make them helpless as after all HR is also only an employee base in the organization.

There is an evident battle everywhere that shines so bright with its repercussions affecting the culture, business and environment of organizations that a desperate need for the removal of the same has been a top priority for HR verticals. Not only the curbing of the battle through measures would be sufficient, but also these measures have to be implemented as policies in the organizations so that no such issues are further risen at any point of time. There have to be policies defined at the level of government and followed strictly to maintain gender based equality and auditing must be the mechanism for the enforcement of the same.

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