Majority of any gender in a department or multiple departments of the organizations leads to problems, so the balance has to be maintained at all levels. The gender battle is an intense issue as it has been cultivated in genders through generations and its acceptable that we will need generations to overcome it too; but the point is that we have to start right now; make strict measures and not only make those measures but also ensure their reinforcement. A reaction is very much anticipated when these kinds of policies or measures are defined in order to eradicate the gender battle; but that’s too petty a cost to be paid for achieving a better society to live and to work in.

A society has to be achieved where every human being no matter what their gender are respected equally and have equal rights and freedom. Only such a society can offer a more civilized workplace culture where males, in general dominating groups of males who either consider females to be a threat to their power or consider them inferior, are educated about the advantages of putting females into power and utilize their potential. It is not always a case that a gender battle has to be won by any gender; a state has to be reached where it’s a collective win.

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