Over years, research has established that a streamlined education system is the only possible remedy to this gender battle; but put into practice by companies like Israel and Denmark, has yielded no significant results. A survey has been conducted with major IT companies in order to identify possible solution to this problem and the results suggest that a restrained environment has to be created and maintained; an environment where dominance of any gender will not be acceptable and both the genders are offered equal space, freedom and opportunities.

This environment has to be put into place through guidelines at departmental levels, organizational levels and above all by government agencies and a check to be maintained by law enforcement agencies. Smooth functioning of the organizations must be achieved by constant scanning and checked measures.

An in-depth analysis of psychology has to be done and the same has to be utilized in order to achieve harmony in the working society. To set an example for generations to come and to learn from the mistakes that have been traversed to us through generations.

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