Cloud computing can broadly be considered as a novel computing approach that permits users to temporary utilize computing infrastructure over the Internet, delivered as a service by the Cloud-provider with one or more levels of abstraction. A leading IT analyst firm, Gartner Group [], forecasts Cloud will transform business, like e-Business on Internet did around a decade ago. Accordingly, quite a few business models quickly evolved to tie together this technology by providing software applications, programming platforms, data-storage, computing infrastructure and hardware as services.

Cloud computing systems fall into one of five layers: applications, software environments, software infrastructure, software kernel, and hardware. There are security and research issues related to each of this layer. The broad objective of this paper is to accomplish a better understanding of Cloud computing, elaborate security issues and emphasize some of the research topics that need to be addressed in Cloud systems.

The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section II describes security implications followed by security assessments and countermeasures in section III. Section IV presents research challenges in Cloud computing from various perspectives followed by conclusion in Section V. Last section illustrates references used.

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