Though there are many research directions in Cloud computing, some hot research topics seem to be of some degree of short-term significance to the Cloud provider/users, while some of their practical challenges appear to create new queries.

There are various classifications of Cloud research. Cloud security alliance classifies Cloud research into three broad categories. (A) Cloud architecture (B) Governing in the Cloud and (C) Operating in the Cloud.

The last two categories are further sub-classified as under. (B) Governing in the Cloud: (i) Governance and enterprise risk management (ii) Legal and electronic discovery (iii) Compliance and audit (iv) Information lifecycle management (v) Portability and interoperability (C) Operating in the Cloud. (i) Traditional security, business continuity, and disaster recovery (ii) Data center operations (iii) Incident response, notification, and remediation (iv) Application security (v) Encryption and key management (vi) Identity and access management (vii) Virtualization.

Expert group classifies the Cloud research into two broad categories. (A) Technological research. (i) Elastic scalability (ii) Cloud (systems) development and management (iii) Data management (iv) Programming models and resource control; (v) trust, security and privacy (B) Business Perspective. (i) Economical aspects; (ii) Legalistic issues; (iii) Green IT.

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