Now let us take look at some specific research issues and research going on in Cloud computing. As image is one of the core components of Cloud computing, image’s meta-data management, image optimization, image loading time, image format standardization and image portability are interesting open issue. Other challenges include how to collect, design, store and present provenance information.

As discussed in previous sections of this paper, another research and engineering challenge is security. Issue of security and trusted computing is hot spot of research in Cloud computing. Security applications/services (e.g. antivirus) and identity management are also some motivating issues in Cloud computing. Building an efficient customer add-on controller outside of the Cloud utility service that may include feedback control is an interesting subject of research.

Another area is to study the challenges of optimization in Cloud computing and proposing a business driven Cloud optimization architecture which may address the challenges to one extent.

There is a lot can be done in the way file systems are handled in Cloud environment. In the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and the Google File System (GFS), a Namenode is required to keep a list of all files in the Cloud and their respective metadata (i-node). Besides it has to do almost all file related operations such as open, copy, move, delete, etc. This may not scale and can potentially make the Namenode a resource bottleneck. EDFS uses a central front end server to distribute keys.

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