Google uses Chubby (a locking service) and Chubby uses State Machine Replication based on Paxos. Thus Consensus, an essential component of State Machine Replication, can be justifiable Cloud research area. Research on Consensus, new Consensus protocols and tools, alternatives to Consensus are sub-research agenda.

One could also work on proposing better power management skills for Cloud i.e. exploring ways to do less during rush hours and migrating work in time to lightly loaded machines. What about the stability of a system having large-scale platforms, management technologies, hundreds or thousands of nodes, tens of data center?

Even thinking of entirely new operating systems or virtualization architectures – with support for massively scalable protocols, may not be unrealistic in near future. I-Cluster enables automatic real-time analysis of the availability and workload of machines on an intranet, to take advantage of unused network resources. Defining architecture to assist the administration of compute resources from dissimilar Cloud providers in a homogenous manner is also an interesting research issue. Abstraction and implementation issues in virtualization, datacenter virtualization without compromising server performance are also some of the challenges.

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