Proposing different protocols and strategies for SLA negotiation, energy efficient resource allocation mechanisms and techniques for creation and management of Green Clouds, developing techniques and technologies for addressing scalability and energy efficiency are few of other research agenda.

Cloud systems monitoring is another active research topic in Cloud computing. With huge Cloud data centers and the large number of nodes, hardware and software failures are not unrealistic. We need to have a strong monitoring system which allows the Cloud services to vigorously react to failures.

Tree-based systems or Gossip-based protocols are two common proposals for such monitoring and management. Spanning-tree approaches have been used in grid and distributed systems for such tasks.

Each Cloud computing service has a distinct interface and employs a different access protocol. A unified interface to provide integrated access to Cloud computing services is nonexistent, although portals and gateways can provide this unified web-based user interface. Designing interoperable systems between different Cloud offerings that provide higher-availability guarantees could be of great interest.

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