For the merchant it is more important that the credit card number is transmitted in a correct than in a secret manner. Confidentiality will therefore be only his aim as it is used to gain this customer’s trust, whereas the integrity will be of high importance for him. This is also the case for availability. If a customer cannot send his payment information, this means that the merchant will be paid to a later time, which results in loss of interest, or in the worst case 23 that the customer wants to break off the whole deal. Moreover, accountability during the payment phase is extremely important for him, since this helps him to prove that a payment was issued or not.

For both customer and merchant the security requirements during the payment phase are presented in Table 3.

Confidentiality Integrity Availability Accountability
Customer high medium medium High
Merchant medium high high High

Table 3: Security requirements during the payment phase

During the delivery phase the security requirements vary as to the kind of product that is delivered. In the M3L scenario these goods are either stream data (music or video) or files (research papers or PhD theses). In both cases the customer’s requirements on confidentiality will be medium or low, since the data transmitted has already been published and does not reveal personal information. Of course, if somebody tracks the customer’s online orders over a longer time, he gets a fairly good idea of the consumer’s preferences. The customer’s demands on integrity and availability will be quite high, since he wants to get exactly and without delay the product he ordered and paid for. The accountability will not be of high concern for him, because he is less interested in the originator of the good than the good itself.

During the delivery phase the merchant will have high demands on confidentiality.Since he earns money by selling the product, it is important for him that only the buyer can read it. For him the integrity of the data will be only as important as necessary for not annoying his customer. If the goods he is about to deliver consist of streaming data, the availability of the network and IT infrastructure will be very important for the merchant, since a failure might effect his future sales. In case research information is transmitted, availability is less important than in case of streaming video. As to accountability, it is important for the merchant, that the customer cannot deny that he received the goods. A summary of security requirements during the delivery phase is shown in Table 4.

Confidentiality Integrity Availability Accountability
Customer Medium high high Medium
Merchant High medium High(video)medium(paper) High

Table 4: Security requirements during the delivery phase

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