A. Nokia DCV-15 Desktop Stand

B. Antenna

The antenna plays a very important role. To charge a battery, a high DC power signal is needed. The wireless battery charger circuit must keep the power loss to the minimal. Therefore, there are many considerations to choose theĀ  correct parts for the design. The considerations of choosing the appropriate antenna are: 1. Impedance of the antenna 2. Gain of the antenna.

Figure 6 : Quarter-Wave Whip Antenna

C. Charger Pump

At this point, it is necessary to explain what exactly a charge pump is, and how it works. A charge pump is a circuit that when given an input in AC is able to output a DC voltage typically larger than a simple rectifier would generate. It can be thought of as an AC to DC converter that both rectifies the AC signal and elevates the DC level. It is the foundation of power converters such as the ones that are used for many electronic devices today. These circuits typically are much more complex than the charge pumps used in this thesis. Power converter circuits have a lot of protective circuitry along with circuitry to reduce noise. In fact, it is a safety regulation that any power-conversion circuits use a transformer to isolate the input from the output.

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