The concept of charging a cellular phone battery is feasible when phone using wireless RF energy harvesting. In this paper, we have laid the foundation for this work to continue by accomplishing the following goals: We were able to charge the battery directly faster than had been done previously; we were able to power the phone using an RF signal transmitted to the phone and stand; In conclusion, power loss and efficiency are the major problems for this design project. We have noticed the potential problem whether the converted DC power will be significant enough to charge up the battery. Therefore, the characteristics of the diodes should be mounted directly onto the antenna for minimum power dissipation.

In addition to harmonics, the nonlinear diode creates a DC-bias in the resonant circuit which can be extracted without affecting the RF/ microwave characteristics of the resonant circuit. The time varying voltage and current relationship at the physical point of the diode in the cavity determines the loss in the diode and, consequently, the RF/ microwave to DC efficiency. As the wireless technology is getting popular nowadays, the demand of battery is also increasing. The battery needs to be recharged or changed eventually. Therefore our team is inspired to design the wireless battery charger. This wireless battery charger will eliminate all the hassle with the battery. As for now, there are no known companies which develop the wireless battery charger. This means that the opportunity is very big. Also, people tend to spend more money for convenience. It gives more reason that this device will have a very good market.

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