• Powermat
• Splash Power Charger
• Duracell’s myGrid
• Powerplate Wireless Induction
• Wild Charge System
• Touchstone
• Castemate Fuel

These are the most comprehensive list of gadgets that charges your cell phone wirelessly. It is same like wireless wi-fi system. You got a router and a laptop; similarly, you got a charger and a cell phone. Both works helps their partner without being plugged into each other. However, remember they have to close to each other. Router technology is old and thus improved a lot – the range can go far miles. Whereas the cell phone wireless charger technology is pretty new and the furthest range is no range; only thing is they don’t need to be connected. All the ones listed here works with most cellphones out there, especially the big names like iPhone, Blackberry, Palm pre and pixi, HTC, etc.
Fig5Wireless Charging At_decrypted
Figure 5 : Nokia DCV-15 Desktop Stand

In order to get the charging board to fit the stand, some slight modification to the Nokia stand was necessary. There is a solid piece of metal, probably copper, about one quarter of an inch thick that is attached to the inside of the stand with screws in the area where the charging board was to be added. This metal is most likely a counter-weight for the stand to make it heavier and more resistant to capsizing when the phone is in the cradle. Without this metal, the stand functions normally. The stand weighs less without it, but this is of no concern in this phase of testing. Once this weight was removed, there was sufficient room in the upper area of the stand for a PCB. The dimensions of this area were obtained using calipers. The design aspect of this project is focused on the receiving side. For this stage of research, of which the goal is to prove that the wireless battery charger idea is feasible, it was decided to incorporate the energy harvesting circuitry and antenna in some sort of base station or charging stand. The Nokia 3570 was the first phone that was received for the research. This phone comes standard with a battery and an AC/DC travel charger.

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